We have chosen JUKI machinery for the bulk of our machinery, supplied by 
IMS Apparel Equipment   Details on the Sydney Suppliers page.

Our machinists all work on the latest state of the art JUKI 9000C straight stitch
machines, which helps us achieve the perfect stitch for the work at hand.


We're happy to help with any part of your production process, where your workroom may not have the specialist machine.
We have a 'Feed-off-arm machine' for creating a French seam with twin needle topstitch in one action.
Our machine has a 1/4" finished seam.

Dedicated heavy topstitching machine for sewing thread that is size 75, 50 or 35. JUKI900B
Dedicated binding machine, for an internal finishing touch with finesse.

Three thread cover stitch.

Buttonhole machine.
Button sewing - 2 or 4 hole buttons.

Blind hemming machine.

Bar tack machine

Jean button rivets and metal snap button application